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Men being simple creatures love the “allure” of a woman when wearing a sexy work uniform. Especially if it consists of orange nylon short shorts, a tight cleavage revealing cotton/spandex shirt, crisp scrunchy white socks, athletic shoes and HOOTERS PANTYHOSE.  It’s almost comical that catering to the lustful, salivating libidos of boner-driven men are satisfied easily by even the simplest of costumes. Add delicious chicken wings with ice cold beer and now you have created a complacent male ready for almost any command. Hence HOOTERS RESTAURANTS; they successfully tapped into this national market and is still going strong today! 
How can a simple garment like pantyhose be so misunderstood and controversial? Some women find them “uncomfortable” and “hate them” and others find them “Flattering”, “Firming”, and “great cover-up.” One nice pair of pantyhose in a matter of minutes transforms a woman’s normal legs to sensually smooth, luxurious and silky legs. With great color selections like suntan, light beige, California suntan, black, coffee, pecan and white are all sure to create a lot of attention! 

Women that are pro hosiery are more likely to get additional attention from men in general and from their own man as well. The men that love pantyhose are overall secretive but the truth be known men love legs and they love HOOTERS PANTYHOSE on them. The amount of spandex in the fiber content will contribute to how snug your hosiery will feel. Hooters Waitresses wear a very high content of spandex to give their legs the shiny firm and overall uniform color. Men who really appreciate legs and pantyhose gravitate toward the higher spandex and shiner look as opposed to the look of hosiery that gives a natural look and leaves one wondering whether the woman has any hose on at all.
Men through nature and nurture of societal classical long term conditioning are now attracted to the shape and form of a woman’s legs especially when wearing hosiery. Which then creates an arousal of sexual stimuli with the anticipation of a smooth touch, sexy feeling of the soft material that caresses so closely and tightly to the leg, buttocks and groin areas. Sounds creepy but it is what it is!
There are so many more advantages of women that wear pantyhose than those that do not. When pantyhose is worn a lady achieves a smoother silhouette beneath a clingy dress and hides the largest of panty lines. The wearing of pantyhose helps improve blood circulation. Pantyhose also ensure warmth when worn on a chilly day or a cold evening . But in reality wearing HOOTERS PANTYHOSE makes a woman look sexy, soft, smooth and more desirable! Men look for it love it and appreciate your discomfort!

Not long ago it was understood that ladies never went out bare legged; they knew the difference between the weekday brown stockings, and the Sunday white stockings. It was the classy thing to do and was expected. Totally the norm from the 20’s,30’s,40’s,50,60’s,70’s,80’s and the OMG came the crazy 90’s. It was the 90’s when pantyhose became to be demonized and too uncomfortable to wear and wearing pantyhose has continued to decline. Well decline in woman wearing them perhaps but not the
desirability that men want to see a woman’s legs clad in hosiery. That has never changed and is missed by many even if they are too shy to express it!
Creating a search by men to seek out places like HOOTERS RESTAURANTS to see what a normal practice wearing sexy hosiery once was. The psychological response that when something that once was prevalent and now is not; the now non prevalent becomes increasingly desirable by many. Hence pantyhose has now reached that the few that wear pantyhose are now coveted.  Men are creature of visually. Remember the old phrase said, “let me get into something more comfortable.” Actually the statement is an oxymoron but ladies understand that to have a nice evening it is easier to get their man “fired up,” and hot by a sexy outfit and all benefit…

Exposure to nylons was made largely available to the public in 1940, and DuPont sold 64,000,000 pairs in that first year. Their advertising purported nylon to be “as strong as steel, and as fine as a spider’s web.” The later advertising slogan that came in the late seventies and early eighties was much more accurate by HANES PANTYHOSE. That famous phrase was “gentlemen prefer Hanes.” Basically, varied print advertisements featured a woman revealing a bit of leg, while a nearby male grabs an eyeful (often unbeknownst to his wife or date). Actually men prefer bare legs but that is only after the removing of sexy pantyhose. 
Women have always worn body-shaping undergarments. However, with the design of pantyhose came a full waist down support that firmed up the lower body and increased the attractiveness of even a lightly plump lady. Of course, the miniskirt in the 60’s was responsible for the overall revolution for pantyhose. Leaving the girdle behind for the better lighter choice of support pantyhose was seen as a blessing for so many women. Quick to put on, more comfortable to wear and with the support she desired. Plus, they looked great and was sure to get the men’s attention wherever she would go.
The love of pantyhose for women in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s grew because this garment was so simple to wear compared to the draconian girdle made of heavy rubber with the need to put on stockings with the bumpy rubber clasps. The shorter dress fashion also had a huge impact on the necessity of pantyhose.  
Even now there are European countries that have never like the USA gone away from the comfort and allure of women wearing pantyhose. In the Ukraine and Poland for example you would find women never without their legs adorned in sexy nylon. For men who adore this fashion there comes a sadness that in the USA as the pantyhose wearing population has decreased. In most Asian countries hosiery has never declined and most wear them their daily as well.

Remember: Women wear pantyhose to look and feel great. Many men love to see women in pantyhose. Most will not express their interest in their woman and the pantyhose they wear. However, with that said a woman can easily tell that their man has an increased interest in their legs and feet when wearing hosiery. More caressing with an increase of leg and feet massages and fondling while wearing hosiery! 
Many men have their own choices and preference to color, brand, feel, amount of spandex, how shiny and control top or sheer to waste and alike. Sadly, many women do not realize, nor acknowledge how their legs have a very large impact on man’s positive sexual attentions for them, their legs, their feet and buttocks. Just as much as breast size, facial make-up and hairstyle a woman's legs and feet are very important to a man. Superficial for sure, but what else is new with men?
We should thank the DuPont team for creating the beloved spandex fiber, back in 1959. What an overall impact to hosiery and especially the spandex seen in Hooters Pantyhose and many other hosiery and lingerie products!

Thanks DuPont...