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Registered Name given to a Pretty Polly patented technique of incorporating Lycra into hosiery to give improved fit combined with excellent tights, stockings, hosiery appearance. An acronym for All Course Elastane In.

A generic term for a type of man-made fibre most similar to natural fibres with characteristics of softness and warmth.


Some have an addiction to pantyhose, with many since childhood that have not been able to help themselves. The attraction and the allure of soft, smooth, silky and electrifying feel and color of the fabric like seen in hooterspantyhose. Most men surveyed have acknowledged pantyhose addiction starts when they were just a young boy. You have pantyhose addiction if everywhere you go you seek out and stare at sexy girl legs in pantyhose with increased heart rate and sexual arousal occurs. You can't live without it. Looking on them makes you so weak. Your weakness is your addiction. You prefer sex in pantyhose. The truly addicted cannot function sexually if pantyhose are not present.

System recently devised for combining elastane and textured nylon yarns to provide a type of covered yarn. The component yarns are mingled together by a jet of compressed air. The process is faster than traditional covering.

Term used to describe gusset inserted by semi automated equipment of the same name. Essentially an oval shaped gusset, usually made from nylon or cotton, and in some instances silk.

Fabric panel sewn into the body section of the tights / pantyhose to increase their size and improve fit and comfort. Made from same the same material as the body and includes the waistband.


Term relating to design of tights body section which is shaped to follow the brief line and give a more flattering appearance.

Process applied to hosiery to improve final presentation. Usually carried out after dyeing when tights are pulled over plastic forms (originally made of wood) and subject to pressure and steam. Temperatures achieved is sufficient to affect the thermoplastic nature of the yarn used and set the shape of the former into the garment.

Those that wear pantyhose are very particular in their look, feel and cost and the brands they carry. Many are very selective for what to wear and for the event, work, dating, hobbies and so much more. Here is a good list of pantyhose brands now available.

A - Aristoc, Ambra
B - Boots, Bellinda, Bonnie Doon, Bebaroque
C - Cherie, Calvin Klein, C&A, Cecilia de Rafael, Celeste Stein, Charnos, Christian Dior, Couture, Cervin Paris, Cette, Cheri Lon, Comfort4Men
D - DKNY, Debenhams, Dunnes Stores, Diamond, Dolci Calze, Decatex, Dim, Desiree, Dorian Gray
E - Emilio Cavallini, Elle, Ergee, E-Taly, Elbeo
F - Falke, Fabiani, Filodoro, Fogal, Fiore, Franzoni, Fredericks of Hollywood
G - Golden Lady, Gatta, Gerbe, Gaetano Cazzola, Gracia, Giorgio Armani, George at Asda, Gipsy, Givenchy, Gisselle, Glamour
H - Hanes, Hue, Hosieree, Hudson, plus the secretive hooterspantyhose brands that can be bought at www.hooterspantyhose.com
I - Ibici
J - JOOP!, Jade, Jonathan Aston, Jose Eisenberg, Jasper Conran, Jonelle
K - Kunert, Knittex
L - Lady Sofia, Le Bourget, Levante, Lores, Leg Avenue, Levee, La Perla, Luisa Maria Lugli
M - Max Mara, Marks & Spencer, Michael Klein, MYway, Mura
N - No Nonsense, Nur Die, Nika
O - Oroblu, Omero, Ose, Orfe
P - Pierre Mantoux, Philippe Matignon, Pierre Cardin, Pretty Polly, Pompea, Palmers, Pamela, Primavera, Pamela Mann, P2 by Palmers, Penti, Peavy
R - Razzamatazz, Religion, Red or Dead
S - Silkies, Sanpellegrino, Sarah Borghi, Sisi, Sock Shop, Strawberry Fields, Silky, Skinkiss, Solidea
T - Trasparenze, Tiffany Quinn
V - Veneziana, Victoria's Secret, Vega, Vogmate
W - Wolford, Wicked, Woolworths
Y - Yves Saint Laurent

Here you have a fun and sexy choice of hosiery for the bride. White and Ivory typically but many times with patterns and shiny rhinestones.

Process in where modern hosiery is made which results in a tapered tube, that is then sewn closed at the toe.

When applied to a knee high this is a form of elastiscation designed to spread the elastic over a deeper portion of the leg and avoid discomfort and excessive marking of the leg.Great source is www.newpantyhose.com

The number assigned to compression tights / pantyhose, stockings and socks to indicate it comprehensive strength at the ankle. It is actually a value in millimetres of mercury (the blood pressure unit) measured on a H.A.T.R.A. pressure tester. The lower the number the lighter the compression.

Tights / pantyhose produced with body section containing sufficient Lycra to provide comprehensive control. Body section is opaque in appearance.(www.newpantyhose.com)

Material sometimes used in the gusset of tights. Although often called cotton the fabric invariably has a cotton face on a nylon ground. Hence cotton surface is in contact with the body, while the nylon takes up dye to provide uniform external appearance.

Crotchless Pantyhose and other Open Crotch Hosiery styles. A large selection of Crotchless Pantyhose and Suspender Pantyhose from a variety of brands including. This style is an attempt to include the garter of yester-year with stockings in a one piece garment which usually have an open crotch for extra exposure.

Description sometimes given to long line control brief pantyhose. CUBAN HEEL A rectangular designed reinforced heel, usually with a reinforced foot and back-seam. Most Cuban heel are reminiscent of Full Fashioned stockings but now applied to a style in pantyhose.

These are the type of shorts many wear with opaque tights or shiny pantyhose for a sexy leggy look.

It is defined as the weight in grams of 9000 meters of yarn. It relates to the fineness of the yarn which in turn relates to the sheerness of the fabric produced. The finer the yarn the lower the denier, the sheerer the hosiery. Certain yarns and some knit constructions produce tights, stockings, hosiery which does not correlate with true denier of the yarn(s). In these cases the word appearance is often used. The rating therefore becomes a subjective assessment. More specifically relates to weight or fineness of the pantyhose yarn, which in turn relates to the sheerness of the hosiery. The finer the yarn the lower the denier. 30 denier is considered Opaque, 20 denier is sheer, 15 denier is ultra sheer and 10 denier or less is the very sheerest. Sheerness varies with Lycra content.

Diamond shaped piece of fabric sewn into the crotch on tights.

Similar to the Cuban heel but with a pointed design. It is also known as the French Heel or simply the pointed heel.

Sometimes called fashion tights or fashion pantyhose. Typically a heavier denier and many times unique design/knit patterns. Many different designs, colors and textures and more durable than regular pantyhose.

The legal declaration of the composition of the garment. Basic pantyhose in nylon yarns are described as 100% nylon excluding waistband. This is because elastan used in the waistband is classed as trimming and is not representative of the total garment construction and therefore does not need to be declared. Most people that enjoy the feel, touch and elasticity of pantyhose rarely purchase the much cheaper 100% nylon product. The blends are always the favorites with Lycra I.e..

A reinforced area below the waistband (often on sheer through styles) of pantyhose, designed to confer added strength in the area likely to be stressed during the fitting process. The band reduces the chance of the wearer's fingers damaging the hosiery during fitting.

This is the larger style like a chain link fence of the smaller fishnet pantyhose.

An open net design structure.

Pantyhose is a very common fetish involving women's pantyhose (known as “tights” in the UK). As with many other common fetishes it has been suggested that it first surfaces in early childhood and/or during adolescence by hetero sexual males. Often a pantyhose fetishist may also engage in stocking fetishism, the unique silky sheer aspect,color and allure of all factors being the contributing common denominator.

This is a cross between stockings and a garter belt with the ease of pantyhose. So here we have the garter straps and stocking legs permanently attached in one piece. This is the combination of the old and new. Both having the front vaginal and rear end areas open and free from the hosiery.

A prime requirement for correctly made support (or compression) stockings, tights / pantyhose and socks is that the level of compression varies along the length of the leg. The maximum value is that the ankle with a progressive reduction through calf to thigh. This is of medical importance in promoting blood flow back to the heart.

This refers to a light thin, filmy like cloth with a filminess and sheen in the 100% non-stretch nylons made famous the artist Vargas with the model Betty Page.

Piece of fabric sewn into the body section of the tights to improve the levels of fit, comfort and durability. Related: DIAMOND GUSSET

Self supporting stockings. Originally defined by Pretty Polly and never registered, it is now regarded as the generic name for stockings with an elasticated band that stay up without the use of a suspender or garter belt.

Defined as knitted covering for the feet and legs. A general term covering tights, pantyhose, stockings and socks.

A type of gusset sewn into the body section of the pantyhose to give greater extensibility to fit the larger hip sizes.

A failure in the knitted fabric construction. A broken yarn or mis-formed stitch causes the loop to collapse into straight lengths of yarn running in a vertical line up and or down the garment.

Tights skintight knit hose covering the body from the waist to the feet worn to exercise and by acrobats/dancers and as stockings by women and girls.

Lycra is Du Pont's 1959 registered trade mark for elastane fibre. It is a man-made fibre that can be produced in a range of deniers and different types. The chief characteristic of Lycra is it's ability to stretch and recover totally. By controlling the tension of the Lycra in knitting, the strength of it's elasticity can be controlled. Lycra can be used in it's BARE form (no covering). This is the most economical, but is not suited to all applications. Alternatively, Lycra can be covered. Single Covered or Double Covered. Covering increases thickness and changes the handle characteristics of the yarn. It also adds to the yarns durability and costs. It is also possible to mix Nylon and Lycra together by air jet, as an alternative to covering, these are know as air intermingled yarns and are widely used in support stockings, tights / pantyhose and socks. Wearers will experience the exceptional comfort of Lycra 3D hosiery and the clear, even colour coverage of the leg wear. The difference is apparent the moment the product is taken out of the pack - but with a unique softness and silkiness. (http://www.hooterspantyhose.com)

Lycra containing yarns are incorporated into hosiery in a variety of ways:

  •     Waitbands - Heavy Lycra yarn. e.g. 135 denier to elasticate waistbands
  •     Control Top - Extra Lycra in body section to give tummy control
  •     Laid In - As 15 denier with Lycra where bare Lycra is laid in every third row to enhance fit.
  •     Knitted In - As Nylons, This method enhances fir but uses considerably more Lycra
  •     Air Intermingled - On support styles, knitted on alternate course with a nylon
  •     Lycra 3D - Lycra 3D is the result of new technology which transforms the way hosiery looks and behaves. With Lycra 3D, Lycra is knitted into every course giving a supremely smooth and comfortable fabric with stretch in all direction and a second skin fit

A yarn made up from large numbers of the fine filaments to produce exceptionally soft characteristics.

Type of knit construction incorporating tuck stitches usually in diagonal configuration to give improved durability characteristics.

Nylon is a ployamide yarn. It is a fiber whose basic ingredients originate from the petrol chemical industry. Nylon is naturally bright but can also be de-lustered to give a duller appearance, either Semi Dull or Fully Dull. It can also be produced in differing cross-sections which give different handles and appearances.www.newpantyhose.com

"O" Pantyhose
Shiny Open Crotch Pantyhose are pantyhose made with high quality yarns that deliver both comfort and super shine style. With the open crotch and the 20 Denier gloss finish these crotch less tights are ideal for the warmer months and will ensure that your legs are left with a complete, smooth and polished finish. Coming in a range of classic shades such as black, beige and white the open crotch is reinforced for durability. For either casual wear or a special occasion O have created a style that not only has something for everyone but also is affordable, luxurious and comfortable. Enjoy 20% Lycra and 80% Polyamide. Women that wear crotchless pantyhose to bed is much sexier for sure and one doubts if you would get much sleep if your man is there with you! 

Tights knitted as a complete garment to eliminate or reduce the seaming process required using traditional methods

Garment made from higher denier yarns to give opacity

A weft knitted fabric in which all the loops are intermeshed in one direction. It is often referred to as smooth knit because of the uniform surface of this fabric.(http://www.newpantyhose.com)

The chemical name given to a class of man made fibres. An alternative name for Nylon.

The term used to describe sections of a garment that have been strengthened to provide additional durability.

A process in the manufacturing sequence that improves the presentation of the finished product. The dye garment is processed on semi automated equipment in which the garment is pulled over a former and subjected to heat. This removes creasing and makes the hosiery more (http://www.hooterspantyhose.com) suitable for packaging.

A description given to hosiery styles which have evolved into position between sheer and opaque styles. The denier appearance range 30 - 45 equates to this category.

Sheer tow ideal for wearing with open toe shoes and help give an apperance of a nude foot. Always seamless and typically made of a lighter denier yarn.

A description given to a type of reinforcement to the fabric at the toe. It offers a less severe difference in fabric density to the full reinforced tow, but still offers some durability in this high stress area.

Surface appearance demonstrating a slight luster or incandescent. Many pantyhose fans look precisely for this sometimes called gossamer shininess or glitter like appearance of the pantyhose.

A widely used commonly used as a hosiery descriptive. Lightness and transparency of the garment.

The trade name of the bi-component yarn produced by Kanebo in Japan used in Sheer Light Style.

Modern hold ups have an elastic band sewn to the top which has silicone on its inner surface. The stocking stays in position by a combination of elasticity (in the band) and the friction of the silicone against the skin. The performance of the silicone is ruined by contact with the body lotion or talc which reduces the friction and allows the garment to fall down.

Close-fitting hosiery to cover the foot and leg; come in matched pairs (usually used in the plural)

Common European term for pantyhose with no panty however still runs all the way to the waste-band with suspender type style where the panty portion of the pantyhose is not present. A newer style of stockings with garters but in the pantyhose style. Hooters Waitresses never wear this style for work which can be validated at www.hooterspantyhose.com

Stretch sheer refers to 15 Denier or less in hosiery with stretch nylon yarn or nylon-lycra stretch yarn

Tradename for a range of nylon yarns. The essential characteristic is softness of handle created by their low denier per filament make up.

A stage in the processing of certain nylon yarns. The raw nylon yarn is subjected to a combined process of twisting and heating to create a yarn with greater bulk and properties of stretch and recovery. The texturizing process converts a flat filament, to a textured yarn with high bulk. Basic nylon styles such as 15 denier smooth knit etc, are made with extruded textured yarns.

Occurs when a hosiery fabric comes into contact with a rough object or surface. Either individual filaments in the yarn or in serve case the whole yarn can be pulled away from the surface of the knitted fabric.

A term applied to a type of nylon yarn which has been through processing to introduce a high level of twist. This creates a yarn with some recovery but without bulk associated with texturized yarns. The fabrics made from Torque yarns have excellent sheerness for a given denier and bright surface appearance. However the overall cling properties in wear are limited and multiple sizes are (http://www.hooterspantyhose.com) needed to get a good fit.

Wearing Torn or Ripped Pantyhose as a style.
Whether or not it looks good is a matter of individual preference on a person-by-person basis.

This pantyhose are made with heavier denier in opaque or semi-opaque yarns. Many times dyed usually in deep colors and much more durable than regular pantyhose. Great for waitresses and dancers that wear them daily and can be seen at www.hooterspantyhose.com.

A description given to the simplest possible body seam to produce a pair of tights. The letter U simply describes the shape of the seam.

UNDER WELT / Secondary Welt
The band of fabric sometimes knitted beneath the double fabric of the stocking top is called the under welt. Can also be introduced as a decorative feature especially if printed.

Word adopted by the knitting industry from the weaving industry. Related: Torque

As a term specific to stockings it describes the double thickness at the stocking top used to take the suspender button/clasp.

Term originating from Japanese hosiery industry, where it describes a hosiery style made with covered elastane on every course.