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1. Runs and ladders. Tragically getting a run in your nylons is possibility where as many women carry a 2nd pair just in case! But what a loss on an expensive pair of hose! Pantyhose are required part of the Hooters Waitress uniform. If the pantyhose run, snag or get torn they must be replaced immediately with a new pair to continue their shift, failure to comply with all Hooters Restaurants grooming standards may result in disciplinary actions up to and including termination.

2. And if you try to fix a small tear with clear nail polish you need to get it soon and before its too large. This is another tragic loss due to the cost of great hosiery.

3. Some pantyhose don’t breath and may create sweat...Choose your brand well and the size of your gusset.

4. New brand and style hooterspantyhose, nylons and tights cannot be tried on at the hosiery department so you really don’t know if you love their feel and look until you wear them at home. Stay with brands you love and enjoy. L’eggs, Hanes, Wolford, Peavy, Tamara and JMS.

5. If the crotch area swings low, you’ll get saggy crotch syndrome. Buy the correct size or go with stockings!

6. If you get SCS when you’re wearing a shortest skirt, shorts or dress, the fear that your saggy-crotched tights will swing lower than your hemline.

7. When you try to counteract SCS by investing in tights with some serious control-top action, they may cut into your middle being uncomfortable. However they will tend to make you look thinner!

8. Sometimes your pantyhose keep slipping down for some reason, so you give up and walk around with a debilitating sense of unevenness. Again know your brand.Hooterspantyhose may be favored in this situation.

9. It is only a matter of time before a toe tries to make its escape out of a little hole it’s poked out at the end of your tights. Which feels annoying, and also looks pretty dumb? Hooters Waitresses wear Footless hooterspantyhose and this is definitely a plus regarding this possible incident as it is unlikely with quality pantyhose like this!

10. The first day you wear a new pair of tights you worry about catching them on something sharp and snag them. Remember good hosiery is not free hosiery.

11. You can also never cross your legs under a table without catching a splinter and ripping them. So be aware when wearing your hosiery vs. not wearing them!

12. Buying cheap tights, nylons and pantyhose is a bad idea, for the look, the feel, and wearable. Plus your man will hate the feel and touch of them. Hooterspantyhose is a favorite of many men for the look, color, sheen and feel. Your man would gladly buy then for you and hence relieving you any cost in your hosiery.

13. Good to great pantyhose costs money! Don’t be a cheapskate here if you decide to wear pantyhose or nylons! Some of the best and most complimentary brands are
L’eggs, Hanes, Wolford, Peavy, Tamara, JMS and tamara/hooterspantyhose.

14. It’s a revelation, because good nylons and pantyhose really do last, and they feel so great, and noticeably sexier than 100% nylon "discount crap." If its 100% nylon pass on it! This is the one and only instance where even most men that have a pantyhose fetish will tell you “GO BARE!”

15. The fact that you’re probably meant to hand wash your hosiery But in any case, when you hang them up on high rail in your bathroom to dry, they hit your man in the face in the morning and it’s weird he's totally OK with it. Hmmmm!

16. Peeling them off makes them go inside out and sometimes it is annoying but you deal with it.

17. Trying to put them back the right way round is also annoying and a bit difficult again you deal with it. The attention from men during the day and at night is worth the aggravation.

18. Some days, you think it will be cold, so you wear pantyhose, but then it’s hot, and it’s uncomfortable even though you look awesome. Wearing pantyhose in typically humid climates as Alabama, Mississippi, Hawaii and Mazatlán may be difficult especially in July and August!

19. Sizing. Size up if too tight! Don’t be uncomfortable in the wrong size!

20. If you have multiple tights of the same color, they’re impossible to tell apart in your drawer. So expect to take a little more time in the morning. So what it’s worth it!

21. Patterned nylons and pantyhose can be delightful and pleasantly different. Try that now and then.

 22. Interesting patterned tights in the store are fun to buy as it’s always a surprise what they will look like on you once you put them on. Change it up from time to time.

23. When you just want to buy black tights, its great as that option and has the largest selection. Black pantyhose gives you an additional slimming effect! Surprisingly little known hooterspantyhose does come in black...

24. When you want to buy nude tights, that’s a great option as some men and women may not realize you are wearing them, "Yeah Right!" That goes a long way to anti-pantyhose people who’s opinion really overall mean nothing!

25. Darker hosiery will definitely hide temporary and permanent blemishes. This is a true and well known fact.

26. Knee-highs are a comfortable alternative to hooterspantyhose when wearing pants, some where their hooterspantyhose anyway with paints and wear the knee highs over those creating layers. Some men favor layers.

27. If your tights are too big may start bunching near the bottom, giving you a super dark and wrinkly ankle-region, thighs that are basically sheer, and the overall appearance not complimentary to you. Wear the right size!

28. Let’s talk tights decorum for the modern woman, a perilous minefield of competing societal pressures. Sometimes you will not wear tights when you should have, and you will feel simply uncomfortable because you did so. But overall they complement a woman and men even if they don’t express it love the look of a woman in shorts or a dress wearing hosiery. Especially shiny pantyhose like a hooters waitress wearing hooterspantyhose with those awesome orange shorts. When you think of sexy, hot and irresistible think hooterspantyhose.com! Hot Legs USA knows sexy starts at the stems and extends up. Bringing sexy back starts right here. Get a pair (or two!) of these ultra-hot Hooters style shorts by Dolfin. These Dolfin shorts create the same flirtatious, sultry look of famous Hooters girls and NFL cheerleaders!

29. However be appropriate when wearing pantyhose, tights and stockings. Wearing them to the beach or to the pool may be considered inappropriate. This is in reality not true in Hollywood or if you traveled on the Love Boat back in the 70's and 80's. Halloween is definitely a great holiday and appropriate for your costume. Buy all the essentials to create a complete Hooters look. Check out the Cotton Lycra Midriff Tank Top or Decoy Waist Length tank top for a little extra coverage. Complete your Hooters Waitress Halloween costume with these super cute hooters pantyhose and scrunch socks.

30. There is no way to predict if you will get a run during the day before leaving the house. Carry a replacement pair just in case when you want flawless coverage, these fashion tights perfectly gloss over razor nics, bug bites, cellulite, stretch marks and other imperfections! 

31. You’re never quite sure what to call them. What makes tights, as opposed to pantyhose? Or maybe you should call them nylons or stockings?

32. Make sure you have a selection of hosiery for different occasions, tights, pantyhose, stockings, stay ups and even knee highs.Make sure to get High Gloss Microfiber Tights to insure unbelievable flexibility and support. The Nylon (90%) and Lyrca (10%) blend provides a soft feel and lasting quality. Nylon offers breathability and sweat repellence with quick-drying Lyrca resists shrinkage, wrinkles and stains. A double stitched crotch and inviso band prevents fabric from unraveling. Unlike the other tights brands, these high gloss tights give you unbeatable mobility and tear resistance. Rely on High Gloss Microfiber Tights for lasting quality and comfort.

33. Smooth and shimmery hosiery can definite compliment ones legs. Know which color suits your legs best!

 34. Leg lingerie makes you sexier to men, L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y.

35. Make sure to launder your hosiery after each wearing. Fresh and pleasant smelling hooterspantyhose and nylons is always the best way to go! Make any outfit look more glamorous with Tamara High Gloss Microfiber Tights. These microfiber tights are a must have sexy fashion accessory. Dancers, ice-skaters and gymnasts love High Gloss Tights for their eye-catching sheen. Wear Microfiber Tights at your next performance and captivate the "MEN" in and out of your life. These high gloss tights also make great holiday wear for Christmas or New Year’s Eve. High Gloss Microfiber Tights also serve as the perfect fashion accessory for bringing together work outfits; pair a cropped blazer and chic skirt for a more modern, professional and for sure sexier look. When you want flawless coverage, these hooterspantyhose work perfectly.Whether you’re dancing circles around the competition or making a power presentation at the office, these high gloss fashion tights are a staple piece in every modern woman’s closet.

36. Some women wear hosiery to bed. That’s a choice some make for themselves and their men. Don’t diss em on that choice folks!

37. Pantyhose are sometimes just an additional way to get your man to want to touch and feel you more. With a foot Massage and even a leg massage. Why not? It’s worth it!

38. It is hard to discreetly adjust them from the ankle all the way up to the waist without being noticed.

39. You will draw more attention when you wear a dress or shorts with quality hosiery. Men love the color, the look and feel of a woman's legs in hooterspantyhose. Be prepared for men to offer to buy you a drink, dinner at their favorite watering hole, "Hooters," or just spontaneously pick up a conversation with you. Its because of your sexy self and your pantyhose!

40. If you have a snag in a nail, you can’t adjust them without ripping them, be cautious.

41. If you adjust them with long nails, you will rip them for sure.

42. If you have REALLY long nails, you can’t grip them because you’re trying to do it with awkward flat fingers, so you just don’t adjust them, and may have to walk around with unevenness.

43. If you wear tights instead of socks in the winter its very comforting.This footed light support hooters pantyhose has an incredible sheen that makes your legs look HOT! Worn by waitresses at the Hooters restaurants, cheerleaders or anyone who is on their feet all day. More durable than regular pantyhose and they are 20 denier, what we call 'light support', these will hide blemishes and last much longer. Sheer to waist design with a small cotton crotch. Available in the ‘no cotton gusset style' and the 'toeless low rise' style. If you wear short skirts, the sheer to waist style is what you want. In the cool months,  women remarked how warm they feel! Perfect for exercising in too with sexiest of leotards!  Think of it this way: Light Beige = nude and Nude = Almost Beige.But there are many colors available.

44. Some women like a "Hooters Waitress" wear footless hooterspantyhose and socks. That's the look men really like and find sexy. Especially a man that has a foot fetish! Don't fear it embrace it!

45. And if you’re REALLY cold, you’ll wear two pairs of tights, or nylons over pantyhose we call that "L_A_Y_E_R_S."

46. When wearing Hosiery it’s important to keep clear of sharp objects.

47. Even the smallest of splinters could cause havoc on your pantyhose! When a pair of Wolford pantyhose costs north of $60 a pair one takes notice!

48. You still wear hosiery all the time anyway, because they’re warm and practical and can look really great to you. You will get more attention from men as well! Fine, tights, pantyhose, nylons, stockings, knee highs. You win.